Not Your Grandfather’s Dolly

The term “Dolly” often makes you think of two-wheeled hand trucks used in furniture stores, moving trucks or the person carrying beverages into convenience stores, but the term isn’t limited to hand trucks. There are multiple types of dollies used across all industries where moving product throughout facilities is common. Let’s discuss some material handling dollies available from New Age Industrial.

Lug Dollies consist of two u-shaped sides with rails to hold standard size (15 ½”W x 8 ½”H x 25”L) lug tubs by their lip or base. Different capacities and configurations are used in industries such as meat processing, foodservice, laundry and many more. A single-high lug dolly is the ideal height to fit under a meat grinder, while a two-high is designed to match table height. Dollies can be built in various heights and weights to maximize your product load in one cart.

Bulk Dollies are constructed very similar to lug dollies, except they are larger and support a single bulk bin at the base. Bulk dollies house large sized bins from 2 ¼ bushel (16.5 gallons) to 9 bushel (66 gallons). These dollies are used when you need to cart large capacities while maintaining a small footprint with easy transport through narrow aisles.  

Mega Mover Dollies are a low-profile, lips up bases on casters that secures even larger tubs for transport. From large processing plants to heavy industrial laundry, there are tub sizes and dollies to fit the needs of any facility. Sizes range from 14 bushel (115 gallons) to 20 bushel (170 gallons). When you need to easily transport large quantities of soft, irregular, or wet matter, the Mega Mover is your solution.  

Super Dollies have low profile frames with four wheels like four-wheeled wooden furniture dollies. With no lips, super dollies are designed for over-sized, heavy loads up to 2,800 lbs. The optional drag hook and loop allows associates to tow the Super Dollie behind them for more ergonomic operation. When moving solid, boxed, heavy or oversized items, the Super Dolly will get the job done.

New Age Industrial is a one stop shop for dollies, tubs, bins, and lids. All our tubs and bins are made of molded, seamless polyethylene for easy cleaning and compliance. Our dollies are constructed from 100% primary grade aluminum for the strength of steel at one-third the weight that will never rust or corrode.

New Age Industrial is a leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of foodservice equipment in the United States. We design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products to meet your exact needs. We work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, feel free to visit our website or contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs.