Organize, Free Up Space, and Serve Fresh Food

For those who operate or work in foodservice kitchens and aren’t using Can Racks, they just might be missing out on something incredibly useful. The old way of stacking opened and unopened boxes of canned foods and sauces on dunnage racks or shelves is now a thing of the past. To find the perfect Can Rack that will take control of an unorganized kitchen or dry storage area, free up space, and serve the freshest foods and sauces possible, read on.   

Half-Size and Counter Height (Under-Counter) Can Racks

It’s sometimes said that big things can come in small packages. In the case of Half-Size Can Racks, it’s true. With the ability to hold both #10 and #5 size cans, they cover the most common can sizes used in commercial kitchens. Coming in at 41” high, ½ size Can Racks are able to hold an amazing seventy-two (72) #10 cans. These mobile units have durable casters and can be stored or transported anywhere in a foodservice operation. The racks are loaded from the rear to ensure proper product rotation. Need a Can Rack that will fit under a counter? Look no further than a 35” High, Counter Height Can Rack that boasts all the features and capabilities of its older sibling, with an equally impressive fifty-four (54) #10 can capacity. The lower heights of the ½ size and Counter Height Can Racks allow for the addition of poly, stainless or aluminum tops to house a No. 1 can opener or provide additional workspace.

Full-Size Can Racks
Having the ability to store and dispense up to a whopping two hundred and sixteen (216) #10 cans, a Full-Size Can Rack is the perfect fit for large operations such as hospitals, prisons, and schools. Depending on the environment they will be used in, Full-Size Can Racks are available in both Standard and Heavy-Duty designs. Standard Full-Size Can Racks come with adjustable feet and provide automatic stock rotation when loaded from the rear. Heavy-Duty (HD) Full Size Can Racks are available with or without casters. The 6” plate casters make it easy to pull the rack out away from a wall for loading. HD Can Racks can hold not only standard #10 and #5 cans but can also hold 2 ½” and #303 cans as well with the addition of solid shelf trays. They are available in multiple sizes and configurations.
First In, First Out (FIFO) Can Racks
To make sure foods with the nearest “Use By” dates are used first, many choose to follow the First In, First Out food inventory management protocol. For those who follow this method, we have just the rack that will make it simple. FIFO Full-Size Can Racks allow its operator to load and dispense #10 cans from the front of the rack in a first in, first out manner. Using FIFO Can Racks not only provides inventory management with minimal food waste and quality freshness benefits, but they also provide the benefit of not having to maneuver them away from a wall to load them. These racks will hold up to one-hundred and fifty-six (156) #10 cans. They are available in both Standard-Duty with adjustable feet and Heavy-Duty built with or without casters.

Counter Depth FIFO Can Racks

When a kitchen is narrow and space savings is a major concern, another great option to consider for can storage is the Counter Depth FIFO Can Racks. They are specifically designed to fit in line with 24” deep shelving. These Can Racks automatically rotate stock and are loaded and retrieved from the front. These units are built as stationary or mobile and are easily secured to the wall for added stability.

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