Why Choose Aluminum Pallets?

There are three main types of pallets used for material handling: wood, plastic, and aluminum. Wood Pallets are the most commonly used type, while Plastic Pallets are stronger and lighter than wooden ones. Aluminum Pallets, however, are heavy duty, relatively lightweight, and built to last a long time. This makes them an overall sound investment since they don’t have to be replaced very often.

Closed Loop Supply Chain System
Aluminum Pallets have a slew of advantages, but they do require a specific logistics system to be considered an economical purchase. These pallets are recommended for a closed loop supply chain system only. Closed loop systems utilize these pallets within a single organization to ensure that the pallet remains in their possession. For outbound shipments, shipping materials are returned to the original manufacturer to redistribute them and recover their value. An aluminum pallet has monetary value in scrap alone, so once removed from a closed system, it might very well disappear.
Benefits of Aluminum Pallets
Aluminum is stronger and more durable than other pallet materials, and it’s still lightweight to maneuver. A typical Aluminum Pallet carries a dynamic weight capacity of 5,000lbs and a static capacity of 30,000lbs. This gives aluminum a considerable advantage over its wooden or plastic counterparts. Aluminum Pallets are naturally fireproof, 100% metal detectable and UV resistant. They will not rust or corrode which makes them simple to clean, steam, and pressure wash. Finally, Aluminum Pallets won’t break down or become brittle, so they are a solid choice for long term use.
Common Types of Aluminum Pallets
There are multiple types of Aluminum Pallets used throughout various industries. Each of these pallet types has a different use. Aluminum Tube Frame Pallets are constructed from square tube extrusions. Square tubing gives pallets exceptional strength while keeping the wall thickness low. This keeps the pallets lightweight. Tube Frame Pallets are great to use in any environment where bacterial growth isn’t a concern. One of the largest industries using this pallet type is the pharmaceutical industry.
Aluminum Channel Pallets are constructed from u-shaped extrusions that are completely open on one side. The walls are thicker than tube frame pallets, for added strength. The thicker walls, however, do make Channel Pallets slightly heavier than tube frame pallets. The absence of an enclosed portion makes them ideal for industries such as food processing since every nook can be easily sanitized.

Custom Pallets can be engineered for many different applications. Rivet Pallets have threaded inserts which are used as mounting points to affix machinery to. Strap Base Pallets use a thick plate of aluminum for low clearance lifting. Different builds result in different fork pocket angles and two way or four-way entry.

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