Stainless Steel Top Tables

Stainless Steel Top Tables have all the strength and durability of stainless steel at the cost of aluminum. They boast an easy to clean top and frame and are ideal for food preparation. These units are available with removable 16 GA type 304 stainless steel tops. They have easily adjustable feet and are even available in 36″ depth.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
24SS36KDStainless Top, No Backsplash362435.546 $1,680
24SS48KDStainless Top, No Backsplash482435.559 $1,887
24SS60KDStainless Top, No Backsplash602435.574 $2,146
24SS72KDStainless Top, No Backsplash722435.581 $2,450
24SS84KDStainless Top, No Backsplash842435.5112 $2,712
24SS96KDStainless Top, No Backsplash962435.5116 $3,006
24SSB36KDStainless Top, With Backsplash362435.549 $1,903
24SSB48KDStainless Top, With Backsplash482435.561 $2,153
24SSB60KDStainless Top, With Backsplash602435.575 $2,408
24SSB72KDStainless Top, With Backsplash722435.588 $2,496
24SSB84KDStainless Top, With Backsplash842435.5115 $2,805
24SSB96KDStainless Top, With Backsplash962435.5119 $3,010
30SS36KDStainless Top, No Backsplash363035.551 $1,939
30SS48KDStainless Top, No Backsplash483035.563 $2,149
30SS60KDStainless Top, No Backsplash603035.571 $2,389
30SS72KDStainless Top, No Backsplash723035.587 $2,505
30SS84KDStainless Top, No Backsplash843035.5101 $2,829
30SS96KDStainless Top, No Backsplash963035.5114 $3,086
30SSB36KDStainless Top, With Backsplash363035.552 $1,684
30SSB48KDStainless Top, With Backsplash483035.565 $1,953
30SSB60KDStainless Top, With Backsplash603035.580 $2,285
30SSB72KDStainless Top, With Backsplash723035.595 $2,505
30SSB84KDStainless Top, With Backsplash843035.5110 $2,829
30SSB96KDStainless Top, With Backsplash963035.5125 $3,086