Table Undershelves

Enhance the utility of your stainless steel or polytop tables with our optional Aluminum Table Undershelves.

Maximize your storage space and keep your workspace organized with these versatile undershelves. Designed to be easily removable, they offer convenient cleaning and allow for flexible reconfiguration as per your changing needs. Upgrade your table setup with these practical and efficient undershelves, and experience a clutter-free and functional workspace. Simplify your organization and storage with Aluminum Table Undershelves today.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
24US36KD36242.48No $377
24US48KD48242.411No $412
24US60KD60242.414No $470
24US72KD72242.417No $431
24US84KD84242.419No $713
24US96KD96242.422No $776
30US36KD36302.410No $409
30US48KD48302.413No $452
30US60KD60302.417No $513
30US72KD72302.420No $564
30US84KD84302.423No $707
30US96KD96302.427No $790

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