Table Undershelves

Extend the functionality of your stainless steel or polytop tables and maximize storage space with optional Aluminum Table Undershelves. These shelves are removable for easy cleaning or reconfiguration.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageSize D-L (in.)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List PriceSpec Sheet
24US36KD24 x 368$377Contact Factory
24US48KD24 x 4811$412Contact Factory
24US60KD24 x 6014$470Contact Factory
24US72KD24 x 7217$431Contact Factory
24US84KD24 x 8419$713Contact Factory
24US96KD24 x 9622$776Contact Factory
30US36KD30 x 3610$409Contact Factory
30US48KD30 x 4813$452Contact Factory
30US60KD30 x 6017$513Contact Factory
30US72KD30 x 7220$564Contact Factory
30US84KD30 x 8423$707Contact Factory
30US96KD30 x 9627$790Contact Factory

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