Made Right, Right Here.

At New Age Industrial, we take great pride in developing all of our products from billet to box and 90% of our parts and accessories are purchased from other American manufacturers. We extrude, cut, fabricate, weld and package every product under one roof, right here in Norton, Kansas.


New Age Industrial is the Leading Aluminum EXTRUDER and FABRICATOR in the United States. We design and manufacture products to maximize your fulfillment needs. Over 75% of our products are custom and built-to-order providing a solid solution in any quantity needed. We offer unlimited flexibility in product design with maximum durability. Don’t compromise, customize.

New Age Industrial is located in the “Heartland of America” in Norton, Kansas. With a single location, we ensure premium product quality and maintain the highest level of customer service. Our team’s work ethic and pride is unrivaled as we believe that quality and service should never be sacrificed.


The New Age Industrial team is dedicated to designing and building custom aluminum products that meet all your needs.


New Age Industrial operates in a 300,000 square foot facility in Norton, KS. We process over 4,000,000 pounds of primary aluminum billet each year.


New Age Industrial takes pride in its processes, from concept to completion. First, our engineers and designers utilize the latest software design tools to bring the products to life.


Little Changes Don’t Have to Cost Big Money. At New Age Industrial, we know what a big difference little changes can make.


New Age Industrial operates out of a modern, single story 300,000 square foot facility. We have an extrusion press on site and use primary aluminum which ensures maximum strength and corrosion resistance.


Interested in joining the team? Click here to learn more about open positions at our facility in Norton, KS.