New Age Industrial operates out of a modern, single story 300,000 square foot facility. We have an extrusion press on site and use primary aluminum which ensures maximum strength and corrosion resistance. We also utilize a 100ft cut-to-length line for handling aluminum and stainless sheet in full coils.

Our fabrication department features our hands-on welding team paired with four 2-headed Yaskawa robotic welders that provide greater production capabilities and the highest quality welds. Our Turret Punch delivers higher tolerances in sheet fabrication. The automated shower provides a clean and uniform finish to our final products. Specialized equipment combined with the highest quality materials and our unmatched versatility in product design and fabrication make New Age Industrial THE TOP CHOICE for aluminum transportation and storage equipment.


From the Ashes

  • On April 8, 1996 an early morning fire destroyed most of our factory. As a significant contributor to the local economy, we quickly began rebuilding the facility. This reconstruction provided new opportunities for incorporating automated equipment into the manufacturing process and streamlining production. New Age Industrial will forever be grateful to the community and to all of our customers that stood by us through this challenging time.

Continued Growth

  • The 1980’s saw growth in the company’s plant site and workforce. During most of this decade, New Age’s production facility measured 40,000 square feet. Its workforce was comprised of 63 employees – who worked two eight hour shifts. Sales representatives helped extend the company’s customer base; and product expansion followed suit.

New Horizons

  • In 1972, New Age Industrial branched into the Food Service & Supermarket industries. This also required products with the strength, durability and corrosion resistance of aluminum. Once again, our extrusion press proved itself to be an invaluable asset. By creating our own shapes and thicknesses of aluminum to meet various application demands of operators, we continually develop new products while maintaining our commitment to quality

Humble Beginnings

  • Since 1966, clients have trusted New Age Industrial to build custom aluminum products that provide value and function. Our roots began with selling extrusions to window and door manufacturers. Then in 1970, we revolutionized the swine confinement industry by making their facilities stronger, durable and more corrosion resistant.