Our Process

Engineering Interview with Phil Gottstine

New Age Industrial goes behind the scenes at our manufacturing facility to interview employees that work in various departments. In this video, Cathy O’Shia, VP of Sales-Foodservice, interviews Phil Gottstine, Engineer, to learn about the engineering department and how we customize products for end users!

1. Design

New Age Industrial takes pride in its processes, from concept to completion. First, our engineers and designers utilize the latest software design tools to bring the products to life. With the use of 3D drawings, the products begin to form into a reality.

2. Extrusion

Next, a gas-fired furnace pre-heats the 60 pound aluminum billet to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. During the extrusion process exit temperatures can reach 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes 2.4 million pounds of force to extrude the aluminum! We have over 1,000 hollow and solid dies in stock. Extruding is one of our greatest manufacturing advantages, giving us control over product design, material size, shape and quantity.

3. Straightening/Hardening

Next, the aluminum is pulled and straightened to aid in the process of hardening the aluminum. An aging oven is used for additional artificial hardening of the aluminum. The extruded hardened aluminum is stocked and ready for fabrication.

4. Saw/Fabrication

Manual cutting is performed for some components. High volume repetitive cuts are sent to precision computer controlled auto-cut saws designed by our own engineers. This helps us achieve the highest standard of quality possible. We fabricate components for stock and custom products. Computer controlled bending machines allow us to bend aluminum components. After the bend, proper measurements are manually checked.

5. Coil

Coil is our second largest aluminum product used in production. We unroll the coil, straighten the sheet and cut it to length. Our turret punches allow for integration of computer aided design ensuring a precise part is made each time. The press brakes machine allows us to make accurate bends for a better product. Vertical milling machines are used for larger runs and custom applications.

6. Welding

New Age Industrial has over 50 individual welding stations using both MIG and TIG argon gas welding. Our combination of skilled operators and robotics allows us to maintain our industry recognized high standards in welding aluminum. State of the art robotic welders are used to increase our efficiency and lower costs for high volume, repetitive jobs. This frees up our hands-on welding team, for more specialized welds.

7. Washing/Shipping

The automated wash system with reverse osmosis rinse ensures that a bright and clean product will be shipped. New Age Industrial keeps an inventory of volume selling products for quick shipping. Our shipping department makes sure your order goes out on time and arrives safely.