New Age Industrial Unveils Material Handling Solutions and Healthcare Innovations at PACK EXPO 2023

Are you ready for an extraordinary experience at PACK EXPO 2023? New Age Industrial is thrilled to announce its presence at the Las Vegas Convention Center, showcasing two exciting booths featuring products designed to revolutionize material handling and healthcare industries.

Booth #1: Packaging Pavilion (Booth #9441)

Discover the future of material handling with New Age Industrial’s diverse range of products tailored to streamline your packaging operations. The booth will be divided into seven categories, each presenting solutions to meet your specific needs.

Order Picking Cages: Witness the efficiency of our Quick-Change Order Picker Platform, designed to enhance order picking processes and improve productivity.

Lug Dollies and Bulk Dollies: Explore our Heavy-Duty Lug Dolly and Bulk Frame Tubs, perfect for transporting bulk items with ease and reliability.

Picking and Stocking Carts: Experience the versatility of our Picking and Stocking Carts, Folding Carts, and Ladder Carts.

Wall Shelves: Including the innovative Wall Shelf with Pot Rack to maximize storage space.

Ergo Stands: Discover ergonomic excellence with our Ergo Stands, crafted to promote a comfortable and efficient working environment.

Aluminum Pallets: Witness the durability and lightweight design of our Tube Frame Pallets and FDA Channel Pallets, ideal for safe and efficient material handling.

Booth #2: Healthcare Pavilion (Booth #6830)

In the healthcare industry, efficiency and sanitation are paramount. New Age Industrial’s booth in the Healthcare Pavilion is set to impress with a range of products designed to elevate your healthcare facility’s operations.

Trashcan Carts: Explore our Trash Trucks and Trash Dolly solutions, built to simplify waste management and maintain a clean environment.

Pallets: Discover how our Tube Frame Pallets and FDA Channel Pallets can optimize the storage and transport of medical supplies and equipment.

Carts, Lug Dollies, and Bulk Dollies: Witness the versatility of our healthcare-specific carts, lug dollies, and bulk dollies, tailored to suit the unique demands of the industry.

Wall Shelves: Organize your healthcare space with our functional and hygienic Wall Shelves, designed to store essential items efficiently.

Base Boards: Experience the utility of our Cove Baseboard, specially crafted for healthcare settings to ensure a clean and professional environment.

Join us at PACK EXPO 2023 and visit both of our booths to discover groundbreaking solutions that will elevate your material handling and healthcare operations. New Age Industrial is dedicated to transforming industries through innovation, efficiency, and reliability. See you at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. We use a Flexible Manufacturing Process to design and build heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum products that can be customized to fit your exact needs, completely stress-free. Our unmatched versatility in product design and in-house team of experts make New Age Industrial the Top Choice for material handling and food service equipment. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA!