New Product Release: 53313A Narrow Stock Truck with 53313RS Removable Shelves

New Age Industrial just launched a brand-new product, the Narrow Stock Truck with Removable Shelves. Our Narrow Stock Trucks are designed to offer convenience and versatility for pick and fulfillment of various types. They are ideal for narrow aisle picking, curbside grocery environments, small to medium parts picking and more. They are the only zero turn delivery truck that folds for space-saving storage when empty. Additional product information and specs are available on the product page.

Capable of holding five hand truck loads worth of product, this versatile picking cart comes equipped with several features to maximize efficiency! It’s perfect for picking operations. This narrow cart easily maneuvers through tight spaces without blocking aisles. Totes are easily accessible reducing ordering picking time.

The open deck area of 62” provides enough space for twelve 15″ x 20″ picking totes but easily folds down and stores on end – consuming less floor space than a stack of picking totes. Once installed, each shelf grants roughly five inches of shelf clearance so users can easily access or identify items within the totes.

Dual handles allow the cart to be controlled from either end and provide the upright framework that allows the removable shelves to drop-on. The solid, integrated, tongue-and-groove deck and removable shelves are smooth and allow boxes and totes to slide for effortless loading and unloading. Outfitted with heavy duty casters, the polyurethane tread provides additional control and a softer, quieter ride. The six-wheel configuration provides a zero-turn radius to easily maneuver through tight corners and crowded spaces.

Our products are proudly Made in the USA and will not rust or corrode. For more information, visit the product page.