Steamtable Pan Racks and Dollies – Catering heroes?

Caterers rely on many tools in their toolkit to help pull off successful catering events. Sure, the tablecloths, flatware, dishes, and glassware are the proverbial “cherry on top” and add to some of the excitement, but at the end of the day, catering is all about the food. Behind all the glitz and glamour stand the workhorses used to make sure the chef’s mouth-watering, delicious creations make it from the kitchen across town to the buffet table without a drop spilled or crust crumbled. Who are these unsung heroes? They are the racks, carts, cabinets, and dollies designed specifically to hold and transport steamtable pans filled with the keys to happy clients, guests, and the caterer’s success.  Let’s take a deeper look into who and what these cape-less heroes are.

Steamtable Pan Rack? Hero? Okay, we admit we got a little carried away earlier. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that a heavy-duty, fully welded steamtable pan rack with crossbars, gussets, and 5” welded plate casters should be considered a hero. Whether it’s full-size, half-size, front load or side load, a steamtable pan rack is essential to a catering business. Because they are built specifically to hold 12” x 20” steamtable pans snuggly and securely by the bottom of the pan, and not by the pan’s lip, rest assured they will get the star to the show in one piece.  
Another unsung hero in the catering business is the trusty enclosed steamtable pan transport cart. These full-size, enclosed cabinets are the ideal when it comes to storing or transporting large volumes of 4” deep steamtable pans. Enclosed cabinets provide a sanitary, clean environment for food products. With fully welded and sealed seams, there are no cracks or crevices to trap dirt and grime. To enhance food quality, the formed door and rear panel create a chimney effect by allowing air to move freely from top to bottom. Built like tanks, these durable cabinet’s side panels are composed of interlocking aluminum extrusions with guides. These cabinets can be used whenever and wherever duty calls and are supported by 5” platform casters with non-marking wheels.
We’ve come to the last true hero of any catering event, the catering hero you probably didn’t know you needed. Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to introduce to you to the indispensable steamtable pan dolly! The ability to transport 1000lbs of steamtable pans alone makes this pan dolly a hero in our eyes. Available with two or four bays, this heavy-duty dolly can transport empty steamtable pans to and from events, across the kitchen, or down the hallway with ease. Sturdy 5” plate casters and non-marking wheels will give you the confidence to wheel this dolly in and out of events with minimum noise and maximum floor protection. This dolly sure sounds like a hero to us!

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