4 Benefits of Tray Drying Racks

Wet trays and dishes are an age-old problem in the foodservice world.  Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on expensive high-temp dish machines, blower dryers, chemical drying agents, and quick drying plastic materials to help put an end to it. Plastics, unlike metal and ceramics, absorb heat very slowly, which poses a challenge to drying plastic trays in a quick, sanitary way after washing. Whether it is in a correctional facility, school cafeteria, or hometown all-you-can-eat buffet, customers are quick to voice their displeasure when presented with a wet, soggy tray. Below are four benefits of adding a tray drying rack to your dishroom that will help solve your wet tray problem. 
Quicker Drying
After washing, wet trays are often stacked together on their side, “nesting” on a shelf. This method does not provide the necessary airflow between each tray to allow them to dry properly. Tray drying racks are available for many standard size trays but can also be custom built for any size. These racks use slots that allow trays to lay on their sides, separated from one another, above any water that may have pooled below which provides proper and quicker drying.  
Nesting trays together on a shelf can lead to health code violations. Wet trays must be air dried after washing, and in many cases, are only allowed to be “polished” with a cloth AFTER they are air dried. If the trays are not dry when it’s meal service time, employees often resort to using cloths to finish the drying process. Tray drying racks not only keep you in compliance with health codes but also keep your customers safe from food born illnesses.  
Space Saving
Tray drying racks can be made from many materials, but aluminum seems to be the most popular because of its heavy duty yet lightweight and adjustable features. Available in many sizes, tray capacities, and number of shelves, these racks can store trays in a space saving manner. The addition of casters allows the rack to be moved or stored anywhere to free up space in your dishroom.  
Reduced Costs
Returned wet trays often must be re-washed costing additional labor, chemical, and utility dollars. Using a tray drying rack in your dishroom is a low-cost way to help your trays dry quickly and safely and reduce the costs that can put a dent in your bottom line. The benefits of a tray drying rack add up to a great investment that keeps your customers happy and coming back for more.
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