A Perfect Fit for Convenience Stores

Throughout recent years, convenience stores (c-stores) have experienced substantial changes. Small stores with limited space for food, snack, and beverage offerings are now competing with huge mini-mall style, grocery and gas centers – some with mascots, clothes, curios, food counters and stations, and often more fuel pumps than one can count. There are a variety of inventory storage, transport, and security equipment that will be a perfect fit for any size or type of convenience store.   

Stocking the Shelves
Whether receiving inventory or stocking shelves, using the right stock cart can make all the difference in the world. Receiving and transporting heavy items can be a chore when using a stock cart that’s not up for the challenge.  A Double-Deck Stock Truck constructed of all-welded, heavy-duty aluminum tubing that can hold and transport up to 3000lbs., can make short work of any job without worry.  Using 6”x2” plate-type casters, two rigid and two swivel, makes transporting products a breeze. An optional, solid aluminum top can be used for smaller-sized individual items.
To stock c-store shelves, narrow, lighter duty carts allow for easier navigation through the aisles. At only 19” wide, an Aluminum Tubular Deck Cart or a Utility Stock Cart with a solid aluminum top, should be at the top of a “must have” list. Both carts are set at a workable height, have 5” plate casters for added durability and easy transport, and can hold up to 700lbs. Each of these carts is guaranteed for life to never rust or corrode. Go out and get one, or two, or all three – you’ll be glad you did.
Storage Shelving
Whether the c-store’s inventory is kept in a walk-in cooler or freezer, dry storage room, or storage closet, heavy-duty shelving is needed. We recommend shelving that is fully adjustable to any shelf height that can stand up to years of abuse. It’s important to choose shelving that will never rust or corrode and is easy to clean. There are several shelving options that check all these boxes and more.
To begin selecting the correct shelving, one must decide if a traditional four-post adjustable shelving unit or cantilever style shelving is preferred. By eliminating the front posts, cantilever shelving maximizes the usable shelf space, and features easy to adjust or swap, lift-up shelves. Both shelving unit styles are made from primary grade aluminum that is easy to clean and will never rust or corrode.
After choosing a shelving unit type, the next step is to determine the type and size of shelves. Choose from Solid, Heavy Duty (HD Tubular), or T-Bar style shelves that are available in multiple lengths and depths. Don’t be afraid to mix and match shelf types within shelving units. Four-post adjustable shelving units allow for posts up to 84” high, while free-standing cantilever units stand 72” high. Consider adding on some shelving accessories, such as casters, brackets, and braces to meet any situation or need.

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