Buffet Essentials: Equipment Needed to Feed a Crowd

For commercial foodservice establishments, feeding a crowd can be a challenge. You need to make sure that food is hot (or cold), fresh, and accessible to everyone without running out. One way to accomplish this is to use a buffet. Buffets are a great way to serve a lot of people at once. However, for customers and staff to have a successful buffet experience, you need the right equipment.

Purchasing useful buffet equipment goes beyond the basics: steamtable pans, buffet lines, glassware, and silverware. It’s important to think about how food will be prepped and stored prior to service, how food will be transported to the buffet line, and how the buffet line will be “broken down” after service ends. Let’s explore some unique, back of the house equipment used for buffets that make prepping, storing, transporting and clean-up much simpler and more efficient.

Steamtable Pan Racks

Steamtable Pan Racks are used to store and transport a large number of steamtable pans from the kitchen to holding, serving, or buffet areas. These racks are available in various sizes including full-size and half-size and can be built for either side-loading or end-loading. They can hold full-size, half-size, or third-size steamtable pans depending on the chosen configuration. Steamtable Pan Racks are designed for both hot and cold applications such as storing food in coolers or freezers and moving hot food from the prep area to the buffet line. These mobile racks can also be used for bussing when service has ended. They are truly an indispensable piece of equipment for buffets.

Steamtable Pan Dollies

Steamtable Pan Dollies are mobile units used to store and move large quantities of empty steamtable pans from one area to another. These dollies can handle large weight capacities, often 1000lbs or more, and feature heavy duty, non-marking casters that protect floors and minimize noise. Single-bay, double-bay, and quadruple-bay configurations are available with bars on 3 sides that partially enclose the dollies to help secure the pans in place. This versatile solution is a great alternative to storing steamtable pans on stationary shelves that take up valuable storage space and cannot be moved around.

Scrap and Stack Cart

The Scrap and Stack is a two-tier, open design cart with a waste chute for scraping and disposal, a removable waste receptacle and a soiled utensil repository that makes after service buffet cleanup a breeze. This cart also has built-in storage for empty steamtable and sheet pans, making it the go-to cart for quick and easy cleanup! Instead of stacking dirty pans on a utility cart that can easily lead to spills and limits the amount that can be hauled off at once, the Scrap and Stack allows for an entire service line or buffet to be cleared off at once and taken to the dish room in one trip. Now, that’s efficient!

Buffet Accessories

In addition to the “meat and potatoes” of your buffet and the steamtable pan racks, dollies, insert racks, and scrap and stack carts featured above, there are a variety of buffet accessories that you may find useful. These accessories include buffet sneeze guards, chafing dishes, and food warmers.

We understand that feeding a crowd can be a challenge. That’s why we offer a variety of buffet equipment solutions to help you make your events a success. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

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