“Build Your Own” Picking Carts

New Age “Build Your Own” Picking Carts offer a heavy duty, yet lightweight and flexible system that fits your unique needs in any environment. Starting with three T-Bar base unit options, any combination of posts and 24” adjustable shelving can be used. The base units come stocked with two rigid and two swivel casters. An option for two additional swivel casters is available. The Solid Brute (SB Series) adjustable shelves work great for small parts and bins. The solid top is removable for easy cleaning or replacement. T-Bar adjustable shelves increase the durability and weight capacity per shelf. Heavy Duty (HD Series) adjustable shelves provide the highest weight capacity and most durable option. Finish outfitting the cart with additional accessories to improve functionality. A 1 ½” tube handles improves ergonomics by adjusting the height to suit the employee. An optional trash can helps maintain a clean facility and aids in employee convenience or time-wasting trips to find one. The document tray is a great way to store pick sheets. It can also work to store scanners, tablets, radios, and other process related items. The document tray can fill additional uses for employee convenience by storing water bottles and other personal items. The desk option provides an ergonomic writing surface that can also be used to mount a tablet or clip board for current order information.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List PriceSpec Sheet
50310Base Unit36249.37580030 $Contact Factory
50311Base Unit48249.37580035 $Contact Factory
50312Base Unit60249.37580083 $Contact Factory
50313Desk /Tray with Handle21.2517.6257.25N/A $Contact Factory
503141.5″ Handle5.752410N/A $Contact Factory
50315Trash Can with Hanger1812.2522N/A $Contact Factory
50316Document Tray16.544N/A $Contact Factory

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