Wall/Ceiling Uprights

Quick Change II wall/celing mounted shelving for walk-in coolers. Units avalible in 18" and 24' deep shelvesl with multiple lenghts.

Model No.DescriptionShipping Weight (lbs.)List Price
9540372" Left Upright9$327
9540472" Right Upright9$327
9540572" Common Upright10.5$357
9563196" Left Upright12.5$346
9563296" Right Upright12.5$346
9563396" Common Upright13$394
96617108" Left Upright14.5$371
96618108" Right Upright14.5$371
96619108" Common Upright15$441
9775384" Left Upright10.5$336
9775484" Right Upright10.5$379
9775584" Common Upright11.4$336

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