Aluminum Pallets: Stronger, Lighter, Better

Aluminum Pallets are a hot item right now. They have a variety of benefits such as being metal detectable, naturally fireproof, easy to clean, UV resistant and recyclable. These heavy-duty pallets are guaranteed never to rust or corrode and are simple to clean with pressure washers, steam or scrubbing. They are a lightweight, durable option for transporting goods.

Aluminum pallets will outlast plastic ones up to 10 to 1! They are stronger, lighter, and virtually indestructible, withstanding extreme conditions. At New Age Industrial, our completely customizable order process allows for all size combinations or heights, and they can be ordered in any quantity needed. New Age extrudes and fabricates to “Fit Your Needs” and will build pallets to your exact specs.


New Age Industrial Aluminum Tube Frame Pallets #99613

Our Tube Frame Pallets have a unique design that allows for four-way forklift entry. They are completely sealed so bacteria can’t enter the tubes. Our Tube Frame Pallets are built from lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum and have a chamfered bottom for easy pallet jack entry. The base tube has interior I-beam support. Additional customization is available by request.


New Age Industrial Channel Pallets #99557

New Age Channel Pallets are FDA Approvable. The open channel design with all-welded seams allows for easy, thorough cleaning. The stackable sides provide two-way nesting to ensure proper storage. Additional customization is available on these as well, by request.


Aluminum Pallets Video

This video hosted by Bob Brackle, National Sales Manager-Material Handling Division, explains our pallets in detail. Check it out at For more information about New Age Industrial Aluminum Pallets, visit us online at or email us at Proudly Made in the USA!