Creative Ways to Use Adjustable Shelving

New Age Industrial offers a comprehensive range of Adjustable Shelving solutions designed to address diverse storage needs with durability and efficiency. Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, our Adjustable Shelving units provide a reliable and robust organizational solution for various environments, ranging from commercial spaces to industrial settings. While Adjustable Shelving is commonly used in typical configurations, its versatility shines through in numerous creative applications tailored to specific requirements.

A common method involves mixing and matching shelf styles to suit customer needs. Options such as Heavy-Duty Style with square bars running horizontally, T-Bar Style with slats running vertically, and a Solid Style with or without a marine edge solid top offer a plethora of configurations. For instance, in a restaurant’s meat cooler, the bottom shelf may be Heavy Duty style for large boxes of raw product, the second shelf T-Bar Style for portioned raw product, the third shelf T-Bar Style for pre-cooked product, and the top shelf a Solid Style with a marine edge for marinades and prepped sauces.

U-Braces, featuring square tube backs and sides with sockets for all legs, leave the front and middle open, supporting shelving legs while maintaining large spans between shelves for taller products. This configuration is frequently employed in beer coolers, where Heavy Duty bottom shelves hold full-size kegs, and a U-Brace addresses gaps in shelf placement, ensuring stability for tapping and rotating kegs. The shelf above can accommodate cases of beer, mixers, or fruit.

In a unique scenario, New Age Industrial created a custom solution for a restaurant requiring a rack for glycol units for draft beer lines. Overcoming challenges related to room size, rolling shelving constraints, and weight requirements, the solution incorporated 96” posts, custom U-Braces, and a Heavy-Duty shelf with a removable solid top. This innovative approach allowed the unit to be assembled in-place, maintaining an open bottom for nesting a mobile shelving unit, and effectively supporting the substantial weight of the glycol system.

In conclusion, New Age Industrial Adjustable Shelving not only meets conventional storage needs but also offers innovative solutions for diverse challenges. The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality materials ensures the adaptability and reliability of their shelving units, making them an exceptional choice for those seeking creative and efficient storage solutions in various environments.

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