Must-Have Foodservice Carts for Banquets and Catering

Banquets and catering services require a wide variety of foodservice carts. The type of event determines the necessity for different types of carts, but there are some items that are great to have on hand no matter what. If you’re looking for an easy way to provide your guests with quality service, then consider these must-have foodservice carts for banquets and catering.


Queen Marys

Queen Mary units are built to transport large loads of items for banquets, catering, and bussing. The solid shelves have marine edges for added strength and containing spills. Whether you’re a caterer or banquet hall director, Queen Marys are an all-in-one solution for transporting and serving food. With their sturdy construction, this catering equipment has been time tested to be one of the most durable racks on the market. The shelves can also hold plates, bowls, glasses, silverware and more!

Nesting Z Type Racks are a great way to save space and money. They are useful in banquet halls where there is limited space for hosting large parties because they take up very little floor area when not in use. Nesting Z Racks are stored nested together. Placing 6 Nesting racks stored nested together takes up around 15 square feet of space. Using 6 traditional bun pan racks takes up roughly 22 square feet of space. So Nesting Z Type Racks are a huge space saver and serve many purposes.
The foodservice industry is always changing, and with that comes new equipment to help make the work easier. One of these pieces of equipment is a steamtable pan rack for catering. These racks are designed to hold steamtable pans in place, so they do not tip or spill during transport or while being served at an event. They come in full size and half size with options for end loading or side loading capabilities.
Bussing carts are an important part of catering. They allow caterers to carry objects quickly and easily, without the risk of dropping them or spilling their contents. Bussing carts can be used for all sorts of purposes, from transporting food trays to carrying silverware and other utensils. These carts are perfect for easily moving food pans, dishes, bus tubs, ingredients and more from one area to another. These carts are also useful at banquets where guests may need assistance with carrying items back to their tables during a meal service, such as beverages or platters of appetizers.

Cups & Glass Racks and Dollies

Cups and glass racks are a necessity for banquets and catering. Whether your guests need to use them during the event, or you need to store them after, you want to make sure they’re available in adequate quantities. Mobile Cup and Glass Racks are used to organize and transport cups and glasses from one area to another. Easily move heavy loads and eliminate wasted storage space. Cup and Glass Dollies are traditionally made to hold 20” x 20” or smaller cup and glass racks. You can easily stack racks of glassware or dishes on this dolly for simple storage and transportation. They are easy to maneuver and they secure racks in the dolly.
All in one caterer’s carts are a great asset for any business. They assist catering staff in easily transporting equipment and supplies, allowing them to quickly deliver food or drinks anywhere on your property. All-in-one catering carts come with many different options that make serving at events much easier. They are designed to hold sheet pans, glass racks, beverage dispensers and full-size folding tables. These lightweight, heavy duty aluminum carts can be customized to hold any catering or event items.
We know that catering and banqueting events often require a lot of equipment to be transported from one location to another. You need carts for different purposes, such as serving food and drinks or bussing dirty dishes back into the kitchen. To help transport all your necessary items in style with ease we offer an extensive range of high-quality carts at affordable prices!  To learn more about each type of cart we carry or if you need help selecting the best option for your business needs, contact our team today.