The 5 Best Storage, Security & Transport Products for Concessions Stands

If you’re considering the concession stand business as your next money-making venture or are already up and running, having the right equipment can have a positive impact on your bottom line. In this post, we will share some storage, security, and transport products that are lightweight, easy to handle, and built to protect your investment. Keep reading to learn more.  

Platform trucks should be your go-to when heavy loads need to be transported or moved. Aluminum platform trucks are a better option than heavy steel trucks because they are lightweight, so you aren’t adding extra weight to an already heavy load. They have large, reinforced platform decks that are available with smooth or diamond plate aluminum surfaces. Welded plate casters are available and can take anything you can throw at them. Removable handles can be placed on either ends of the truck or can be welded in place for added stability.
If you will be serving draft beer in your concession stand, consider keg stacker shelving. Built to withstand the impact shock of dropped kegs, adjustable keg stacker shelving is built to take the abuse. Though they are a less expensive alternative, wire shelves are difficult to clean and not designed for heavy use. Aluminum shelves withstand punishment, allow for adequate airflow, and makes loading and unloading kegs easier. Keg stacker shelving is available in single and double depth configurations and can store various size beer barrels. Solid shelves and rear panels for regulator mounting are available as add-on accessories.
To protect any high food cost items, supplies, or equipment, a security fence is the perfect solution. Security fences are perfect for backroom, cooler and freezer installations. They’re custom built to meet your specific needs and are constructed of heavy duty aluminum and bolted together with stainless steel hardware. The slotted panel construction keeps individuals out, without hindering the flow of air or light. The door is easily padlocked, so you can keep your products safe and secure. Both sliding and hinged door options are available.
Need a way to move products quickly and conveniently throughout your facility, but are tight on space? Bulk delivery trucks might be your ticket.  
Bulk delivery trucks are narrower than platform trucks but are still more than capable of carrying heavy loads of up to 1,200 lbs on their reinforced decks. Navigating around tight corners is a breeze with bulk delivery carts. Using six casters, where the two rigid center casters are slightly taller than the corner casters, allows for a zero-turn radius.  When the trucks are not being used, the push handles can be removed, and the carts can be stored vertically out of the way.  
Rubber mats are important when it comes to your staff’s comfort and safety.  Unfortunately, cleaning and storing them is a real challenge. If you are using rubber mats in your business, a wall mounted mat rack or mat cart is a great idea. Wall mounted mat racks are designed to keep perforated mats off the floor for easy and efficient cleaning, while mobile rack carts can handle the same chores for both perforated and solid mats. Some mat carts have decks that can turn the cart into a mobile cleaning, transport, and storage workhorse.  

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