All Welded T-Bar Shelving

All Welded T-Bar shelving offers a smooth, flat surface that also provides adequate air flow to stored items, making it ideal for coolers, freezers, and other walk-ins. The surface is easy to clean and allows boxes to slide on and off for smaller product with the strength to hold heavy product as well. Each end of every “T” is welded at three points for maximum strength and stability! This unique, All Welded T-Bar Shelf construction allows for easy-on, easy-off of product and easy storage while providing maximum air circulation. The shelves are set and not adjustable but can be designed in nearly unlimited configurations. Keep product organized and off of the floor with these All Welded Shelving units that are often used in correctional facilities and other institutions.

  • Mobile units available — factory installed only.
  • All non-mobile units include adjustable feet.
  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shelves / RunnersClearance (in.)Weight Capacity (lbs)Shipping Weight (lbs.)NSF CertifiedList PriceSpec Sheet
1021TB362048234.5100055 $762
1022TB482048234.5100067 $844
1023TB602048234.5100073 $952
1024TB722048234.5100077 $1,065
1025TB362448234.5100056 $791
1026TB482448234.5100069 $917
1027TB602448234.5100076 $1,037
1028TB722448234.5100080 $1,159
1030TB422048234.5100057 $783
1031TB422448234.5100063 $859
1041TB362060322.25100062 $976
1042TB482060322.25100076 $1,129
1043TB602060322.25100091 $1,285
1044TB722060322.25100096 $1,444
1045TB362460322.25100070 $1,079
1046TB482460322.25100078 $1,255
1047TB602460322.25100089 $1,451
1048TB722460322.251000103 $1,624
1050TB422060322.25100067 $1,037
1051TB422460322.25100076 $1,176
1061TB362072418.25100078 $1,208
1062TB482072418.25100088 $1,419
1063TB602072418.251000103 $1,643
1064TB722072418.251000119 $1,852
1065TB362472418.25100090 $1,359
1066TB482472418.25100097 $1,591
1067TB602472418.251000112 $1,847
1068TB722472418.251000127 $2,084
1070TB422072418.25100083 $1,308
1071TB422472418.25100092 $1,512

CL(B), CL(C), PP(A)
6″ Plate type casters (C490) – Add “M6″ suffix to model number.
5” Plate type casters (C450) – Add “M5” suffix to model number.
Additional Adjustable Feet – 0117

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