Standard Universal Platter Racks

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Looking for an economical and versatile solution for transporting platters in various sizes? Our Standard Universal Platter Racks are the perfect fit, accommodating platters from 10″ to 30″ in length.

Whether it’s moving items to or from the meat department, these racks offer convenient and efficient transportation. Moreover, they are approved for use in freezers, coolers, and packaging/storage areas, ensuring reliable performance in diverse environments. Upgrade your storage and transportation capabilities with these dependable Standard Universal Platter Racks. Simplify your processes and ensure smooth operations today.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction


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ModelImageProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Shelves / RunnersShelf SpacingShipping Weight (lbs)NSF CertifiedCurrent Lead TimeList PriceSpec Sheet

13 Days


13 Days



Visit our Options page for more details. Options may not be NSF Certified. Contact the factory for more information.

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