3 Top Foodservice Equipment Items for Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens come in many forms. A ghost kitchen for a chain restaurant will have the specific equipment that chain needs to serve their take-out delivery customers. That equipment is often different than what is used in brick-and-mortar restaurants;  however, many ghost kitchens are set up for multi-operator use, or as communal kitchens, where the equipment is shared by various operators serving different types of food. That said, equipment used in a ghost kitchen, especially a communal kitchen, needs to be versatile, space saving, and easy to use. Below are three top foodservice equipment items that meet those requirements. 

Order pick-up stations are the name of the game in ghost kitchens. Ideal pick-up stations are adjustable with up to four shelves which allows the unit to have a small footprint, reachable top shelf, and plenty of space to hold an abundance of items. Next, it would be made of a heavy duty yet lightweight material such as aluminum that will last a lifetime, will not rust or corrode, and is easy to clean. Lastly, we suggest adding casters and removable label holders. Lightweight aluminum makes mobile pick-up stations easy to move for cleaning and storing. The removable label holders make it quick and easy for your delivery drivers to locate orders and be on their way.
Security Fences are a top item we recommend since they can be used to secure high food cost products, alcohol, and other items that tend to slip out the back door. They are a must in communal kitchens to segregate and secure each operator’s inventory. Security fences are custom designed to meet specific space requirements and work well in both dry and refrigerated environments. If built from solid aluminum or steel, it makes them more difficult to compromise than chain link fencing. They are available with hinged doors, or when space is an issue, sliding doors come in handy.  
In areas where employees stand on their feet all day, using a perforated rubber mat is a real foot pain and fatigue fighter. Not only are these mats heavy and difficult to clean, but there never seems to be a good place to store them while they dry. Mobile mat carts and wall mount racks are a top item to have in a ghost kitchen, as they make cleaning and storing mats a breeze. Both items allow perforated mats to hang off the floor using hooks where they can be easily sprayed down with hoses or power washers. After being washed, the mats can air dry while stored out of the way. Mat carts have the added benefit of casters and are available with decks that can hold waste containers, making them shareable mobile cleaning stations.  
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