Score Big with Football Fans During the Super Bowl & College Football Playoffs National Championship

January and February are undoubtedly some of the biggest, most exciting months of the year for college and professional football fans. Aside from the actual games, the utmost important thing about these dates is the food and drinks. Whether fans are watching the big games at home with friends, at a bar or pub, in a restaurant, or at the stadium, the gameday spread is the star of the show. At New Age Industrial, we have some all-star fan favorites of our own that will make your foodservice business the MVP of the big games!

Most Valuable Product (MVP) – Home Sports Fans
One of the most popular ways to watch the National Championship or Super Bowl is to get together with friends and family at someone’s house to cheer on their favorite team…or watch the commercials and the halftime show! Typically, everyone brings along snacks, dips, appetizers, and other game day grub, but often the host or hostess provides something more filling. It’s much easier to place a to go order for some takeout essentials than preparing food all day long. Pizza, Wings, Burritos, Chicken Fingers, and Subs are some of the most popular takeout foods ordered on game days. 
Make it as simple as possible for fans to grab and go with their carryout order by using to go shelving at the front of your space. The New Age Industrial Order Pick-Up Station is perfect for online and mobile order operations. It provides a point of pick-up for customer take-out, third party delivery services or orders waiting for in-house delivery drivers. The optional label holders make it easy to alphabetize orders, making it even easier on customers who are picking up. As an added benefit, adjustable shelving is showcased in this unit, so it can be spaced out in different increments as needed. 
Most Valuable Product (MVP) – Bars & Pubs Sports Fans
Football lovers that are feeling a bit more adventurous will enjoy watching the games in big groups, on multiple screens at a local bar & grill or pub. Having ice cold beer on tap and in abundance is an absolute must for these spectators. It is extremely important to have kegs organized and easy to find to quickly switch out when needed, well before the large crowds arrive. This will avoid unnecessary frustration for both staff and patrons alike.
New Age Industrial’s Single Deep and Double Deep Aluminum Keg Shelving scores extra points for storage and organization of sixth, quarter and half barrels (kegs) of beer. It can also be used for general dry storage. Each shelf is additionally reinforced for the added abuse associated with handling heavy kegs. These Keg Shelving Units are approved for use in walk-ins and can be suited up with a variety of accessories including shelf covers, regulator panels, half shelves, u-braces, and dividers. 
Most Valuable Product (MVP) – Restaurants/Chains Sports Fans
We already mentioned some of the post popular football foods above, which included wings and chicken tenders. When those dine in and to go orders start flying in the kitchen, the fryers will be working double-time to keep up with demand. Mobile Fry Carts, also referred to as Fry Basket Racks, are specifically designed to hold numerous fry baskets at once, both inside a freezer or next to the fry station. They are available in double or trip basket widths with a removable drip pan to trap grease or condensation before it hits the floor, decreasing the risk of slips and falls. 
Most Valuable Product (MVP) – Stadium Sports Fans
For the ultimate sports fan, attending the Super Bowl or NCAA College Football National Championship Game is a dream come true. There is no doubt that those attending the games in person, at the stadiums, will be excited and ready to enjoy the concessions stands and other vendors located on site. With a huge influx of staff, officials, players, spectators, vendors, and other people at the stadiums, it’s important to be stocked up and ready to go without forgetting to properly secure those items.
Our Sliding Door Aluminum Security Fences are designed to keep food, beverages and valuables secure in ANY atmosphere and will never rust or corrode. They are ideal for installation in coolers, freezers, dry storage areas, concessions, and food courts. New Age Industrial Security Fences are built using heavy-duty, primary grade aluminum extrusions and are bolted together with stainless steel hardware. The slotted panel construction keeps people out without hindering air flow or blocking light from entering the space. Choose between a single or double sliding door design or a hinged door that swings left or right. 

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. We design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products to meet your exact needs. We work with various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. For more information, contact us today, and our team will help find you the perfect product that fits your needs.