Forklift Picking Platforms

Forklift Picking Platforms (Picking Pallets) facilitate organized product picking. Platforms secure to order pickers with 2” x 4” replaceable wood clamp blocks, allowing the order picker to firmly grip the platform. Anti-slip tape promotes team member safety when loading and unloading the platform.

Platforms carry a Lifetime Guarantee against rust and corrosion.

  • Rust & Corrosion
  • Construction
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ModelImageDescriptionProduct Length (in.)Product Width (in.)Product Height (in.)Deck Height / SizeWeight Capacity (lbs)Shipping Weight (lbs.)List PriceSpec Sheet
PPC4048Lift Type - Crown484010.8755.31254000144 $Contact Factory
PPH4048Lift Type - Hyster484011.18756.06254000115 $Contact Factory
PPR4048Lift Type - Raymond48409.54.3754000115 $Contact Factory
PPT4048Lift Type - Toyota48409.54.375115 $Contact Factory

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