Top 10 Best Selling New Age Industrial Aluminum Products for Material Handling

1.     Tube Frame Pallets

Our Tube Frame Pallets have a unique design that allows for four-way forklift entry. They are completely sealed so bacteria can’t enter the tubes. Our Tube Frame Pallets are built from lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum and have a chamfered bottom for easy pallet jack entry. The base tube has interior I-beam support.

2.     Order Picking Carts

New Age order picking carts are lightweight which allows for easy manual maneuvering. This order picking cart can be used for staging, putting and picking. Other advantages of this cart include the ability to increase productivity and efficiency, workplace safety, easy portability, angled shelving for easy loading/unloading and flexibility in process implementation.

3.     BDT – Bulk Delivery Trucks

Bulk Delivery Trucks are ideal for transporting heavy loads from the backroom to the floor area or directly from the truck to the cooler. The BDT holds more product and takes up less space than standard delivery trucks. Its ability to be stored upright is what makes this truck so unique. The folding handles allow the truck to be stored “on-end” to maximize storage space. No other truck gives you maximum square feet of deck space for product and allows you to store the unit upright using a minimal square feet of storage space.

4.     Ladder Carts

New Age Ladder Carts are a perfect solution for manual picking operations. The Ladder Carts include shelf lips on all sides to contain product. The spring-loaded ladder has full contact, rubber stops to limit movement while on the ladder. The extended push handle is a real shin saver, and the continuous grip handle is designed for ascending and descending on the ladder. The extra wide, welded steps are bolted into place and fitted with non-slip friction tape for added safety.

5.     Platform Trucks

These all welded aluminum trucks are built to last! Available with smooth deck or diamond tread deck, these large deck Platform Trucks are ready to handle all of your material handling needs. A large 1½ ” diameter pipe handle is easy on the hands and removes easily. Don’t increase your load with a heavy steel truck; choose a heavy duty, lightweight aluminum truck for your material handling needs. They are equipped with durable, plate type casters.

6.     U-Shaped Platform Trucks

These all welded aluminum trucks are built to last! U-Shaped Platform Trucks are available in several sizes. These heavy-duty platform trucks feature a tube frame and a channel deck to minimize product falling through. Don’t increase your load with a heavy steel truck. Choose a heavy duty, lightweight aluminum truck for you material handling needs. They feature a rounded nose to help decrease damaged walls and doors and a large removable pipe handle. They are equipped with four 8” x 2” plate type casters, two swivel and two rigid.

7.     Raised Picking Platform

Raised Platform Picking Pallets feature an ergonomic, mobile raised platform for easier loading and unloading. It secures to an order picker with a replaceable, solid oak block. Its heavy duty construction makes it built to last and it will never rust or corrode. Custom sizes are available. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA!

8.     Build Your Own Cart

New Age Build Your Own Carts offer a lightweight and flexible system that fits your unique needs in any environment. Starting with three T-Bar base unit options, any combination of posts and 24” adjustable shelving can be used. The base units come stocked with two rigid and two swivel casters. The option for two additional swivel casters or one center, spring loaded caster is available. Outfit the cart with accessories to improve its functionality. Options include handles to improve ergonomics, a trash can with hangers, a document tray for loose items and more!

9.     Forklift Picking Platform

The Custom Forklift Picking Platforms (Picking Pallets) are 40″ x 48″ and made to pick products in an organized manner. They easily secure to order pickers from different angles by gripping the 2″ x 4″ solid oak clamp block. The customizable deck height paired with anti-slip tape help prevent trip hazards.

10.     Trash Dolly

Make your trash cans mobile with our Trash Dollies. The simple, 5 caster design makes the caster footprint larger without enlarging the overall unit footprint. Casters are mounted at the outside perimeter which offers much more stability. They accommodate various trash cans with reinforced recessed base.