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New Age Industrial stands out as a prominent manufacturer of aluminum equipment, renowned for its innovative approach to production, anchored by a cutting-edge extrusion press at the heart of its factory. While the company continually introduces new products with robust customization capabilities, let’s shed some light on a couple of our established products that have undergone a transformative shift in the ordering process.

Among these noteworthy offerings from New Age are Adjustable Shelving and Cantilever Shelving, both designed to address diverse storage needs. Adjustable Shelving comprises four posts and various shelf styles that can be configured to meet users’ precise requirements. On the other hand, Cantilever Shelving eliminates the front two posts and features uprights with locking tabs that provide a quick and easy system for seamlessly moving shelves between different levels. Learn more great benefits and the different shelf types available for Cantilever Shelving in this blog post.

Traditionally, the process of ordering Adjustable Shelving and Cantilever Shelving can prove to be cumbersome. Purchasers must determine the required sizes and styles of shelves and height of shelf posts; then order each component individually. There are advantages to ordering shelving units this way, piece by piece – Build Your Own Shelving Unit, exactly the way you want it! However, this intricate process can be somewhat time-consuming and also prone to questions or mistakes, potentially causing delays in the order process.

New Age has responded to this challenge with a simple yet effective solution – selling complete units. These new model numbers encompass all the necessary parts, eliminating the need for customers to piece together individual components. To further enhance convenience, New Age offers an extensive selection of sizes and styles, making storage planning and ordering a seamless, hassle-free experience.

These new complete shelving units can be found on our website and is also listed below for quicker access.


Adjustable Shelving – Heavy Duty (HD) Series – Complete Units

Adjustable HD Bar & Solid Brute (SB) Combination – Complete Shelving Units
Adjustable HD Bar – Complete Shelving Units
Adjustable Solid Brute (SB) – Complete Shelving Units
Adjustable T-Bar & Solid Brute (SB) Combination– Complete Shelving Units
Adjustable T-Bar – Complete Shelving Units


Adjustable Shelving – Standard Series – Complete Units

Standard HD Bar – Complete Shelving Units
Standard T-Bar – Complete Shelving Units


By adopting this streamlined approach of using just one model number to bundle together shelves and posts, New Age empowers customers to embark on a journey to a new storeroom or walk-in without the complexities of a traditional ordering process. Learn more about our Adjustable Shelving and different shelf types in our Guide to Adjustable Shelving blog post. For a storage solution that is efficient, tailored to your needs, and easy to acquire, contact New Age today and explore the comprehensive range of options available.


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About New Age Industrial – New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. They design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products for various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. The products are easy to customize to fit a customer’s exact needs. For more information, contact New Age today, and their team of experts will be happy to assist you. Proudly Made in the USA.