Which Industries Use Aluminum Pallets?

Pallets find applications in various industries for the movement and storage of a diversity of products. Wooden pallets are the most common, followed by plastic. And recently, Aluminum Pallets have emerged as a viable option. Offering benefits such as exceptional longevity (will last up to 10 times longer than plastic), fireproof properties, UV resistance, metal detectability, rust and corrosion resistance, anti-microbial nature, and impressive weight capacities (up to 30,000 lbs.), Aluminum Pallets are gaining popularity across different sectors.

Meat Processing & Food Manufacturing

Aluminum Pallets are widely used in these facilities for internal product movement. Pallets with open channels are FDA approvable and can undergo complete sanitization due to the absence of enclosed spaces. However, it’s important to note that raw ingredients are not recommended to come into direct contact with raw aluminum. It’s advisable to research potential interactions with specific ingredients, especially highly acidic or reactive ones, before using aluminum.


Pharmaceutical companies often opt to use Aluminum Pallets for transporting finished and packaged pharmaceuticals. The antimicrobial and insect-repellent properties of aluminum make it an ideal choice. Nevertheless, it’s not advised to use aluminum in direct contact with the unfinished, unpacked pharmaceuticals because aluminum gives off aluminum oxide when exposed to oxygen, potentially affecting the pharmaceuticals.

International Freight

In international freight distribution, where regulations aim to prevent insect-related issues in different regions, wood pallets require heat and chemical treatment. While plastic pallets have been commonly used, aluminum presents itself as an alternative when standard plastic pallets are unavailable. Aluminum, especially primary grade aluminum like that used by New Age Industrial for manufacturing equipment, offers high customizability with in-house extrusion capabilities in Norton, KS.

Long-Term Waste Storage

The long-term waste storage industry benefits from the use of customized Aluminum Pallets. These pallets not only facilitate easy waste management and movement, but they also allow for secure container attachment and other features for container inspection.

Metal Contamination Concerns

Aluminum Pallets are versatile, durable, and recyclable which makes them particularly suitable for manufacturing processes where metal contaminants are a concern. Every part of the pallet is metal detectable. Despite these pallets not leaving closed-loop systems, the overall benefits of Aluminum Pallets make them a compelling choice.

In conclusion, Aluminum Pallets offer a solution for various industries with their versatility and unique features. For a personalized discussion regarding pallets that can be customized to precisely meet your needs, contact New Age Industrial today.

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