Modex 2024 Booth 2619 Preview

Welcome to Modex 2024, a trade show where supply chain pros can see a variety of solutions for their material handling needs. One manufacturer that is always a standout is New Age Industrial (Booth #2619) and their material handling team. It’s going to be a great show with the regulars; pallets, order picking platforms, order picking carts, quick change carts, ladder carts, lug dollies, and ergonomic solutions. To make Modex 2024 special, New Age is showcasing a brand new, first of its kind, show item – read to the end to learn about this exciting new product.

At the front of the booth in the center you will find all aluminum pallets. Why? We say, “Why Yes!” With a 10 to 1 life expectancy over plastic, 100% metal detectable, fireproof, UV resistant, and customizable without needing a mold, aluminum pallets are a no brainer. Choose from Tube Frame Pallets for packaged pharmaceutical, Open Channel Pallets for food manufacturing, and anything you can imagine such as a Pallet with rivets on the top to bolt machinery to for easy transport through a factory. Behind the Pallets will be a Raised Picking Pallet that is designed to be used with an order picker machine.

Heading down the left side of the booth you will find Ladder Carts. New Age Industrial Ladder Carts are the best in the industry, especially when picking requires a step up to reach higher. There are many options available: shelf count, shelf slant, lips up, and solid or slated tops to name a few. Choose from a single step all the way up to five steps high. Do you want a ladder that automatically engages with the ground once stepped on, or do you prefer a folding ladder that takes up less space? Lastly, to round out the perfect solution for your needs, add accessories like cupholders, scanner trays, document holders, writing shelves, clipboards, speed cell hangers, and many more options to improve your employees’ work environment.

Continuing down the left side of the booth you will find some unique carts. First is a cart designed for airline mechanic’s parts. Fully adjustable shelves with sound deadening mats, a mount for numbering the cart, and a static dissipating chain and a tow package make this an interesting cart. Next up is a walkie rider pick station with a new way to easily access totes while keeping product secure. Finally, amongst some Lug Dollies is the unique and versatile Lug and Store Cart. This cart has a 9-lug capacity, ergonomic handle, and beefy casters for easy mobility. Don’t miss your chance to see these interesting carts up close.

The entire length of the right side of the booth consists of different types of carts for order picking and fulfillment. Located at the front corner of the booth are the Narrow Aisle Stock Truck and Bulk Delivery Truck. Both are folding U-boats with solid integrated decks. One is designed for tote picking with optional removable shelves (sold separately), and the other is specifically designed for the beverage industry with optional keg racks (also sold separately). Next are our ever-popular Carry-All Cart and Multi-Bin Cart. Lastly, you will find a double-sided slanted picking cart for maximum quantity picking.

At the back of the booth are Order Picking Platforms and our new Ergo Stands. Order picking platforms are designed to work with man-up order picking machines. With features like tow packages, quick change shelves, doors and hinges, open platforms, and inventory desks, this part of the booth is a must see. Between the Order Picker Platforms, in front of the New Age Industrial Tower are our Ergo Stands. These stands are designed to bring an employee to the proper, ergonomic working height of assembly lines, picking lines, meat processor tables, or anywhere you need to help your employees work at an ergonomic height. They are a great asset for shared workstations that are not adjustable.

Last but not least, New Age Industrial has partnered with a robotics manufacturer to show a robot with the New Age Robotics Pod at a Modex 2024. This is exciting to do because the industry is leaning heavily in the robotics direction, and we expect to see new and innovative ways to deploy robots throughout the industry. With New Age Industrial’s unique ability to customize the opportunities to build equipment that will pair with current and future robots are endless.

We hope you enjoyed this brief preview tour of New Age Industrial Booth 2619 at the 2024 Modex Show. Overall, 2023 was a great year for the industry, and 2024 will be even better. Have a great first quarter, everyone. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. We use a Flexible Manufacturing Process to design and build heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum products that can be customized to fit your exact needs, completely stress-free. Our unmatched versatility in product design and in-house team of experts make New Age Industrial the Top Choice for material handling and food service equipment. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA!