Order Picking Equipment: Highlights and Tutorials

New Age Industrial is a leading manufacturer of aluminum equipment for many industries including food service, material handling, and grocery. With a wide variety of aluminum products that make the order picking process simpler and more efficient, New Age Industrial has set the standard in the Material Handling industry for picking, putting, and storing. A focus on ergonomics and the end user has only forwarded New Age’s foothold in the market. Let’s explore some order picking equipment and discuss how they are most commonly used.

Picking Carts

Picking Carts are an essential tool for manual picking operations. They help transport multiple orders or heavy loads of product throughout a warehouse or distribution center. Because they are heavy duty, yet lightweight, they are tough while still being easy to push and maneuver. This decreases the workload and energy needed to transport those items that are continually moved and reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Multi-Tier Picking Carts

Multi-Tier Picking Carts are an ideal solution for facilities that have manual picking operations. They are great for transporting product and come in a variety of configurations. Depending on the specific application, these carts may have flat or slanted shelves, differing number of shelves, and be single or double sided. Picking Carts are easy to use by simply placing items on the shelves (or inside tubs or bins on the shelves) and transporting them to other departments or work areas. They have excellent mobility using high-quality casters for clean maneuvering around tight spaces. There are optional accessories that can be added such as a magnetic steel document shelf for document retention, a hanging trash can, document trays, scan gun holders, and more!

Case Pick/Put Away Order Picking Carts

This is another excellent item to help fulfill your picking needs. This cart has a universal fork pocket with an oak gripper block to pair with an Order Picker Machine. The machine has a gripper that clamps on to the oak block securing the cart to the machine so the operator can safely pick/put products to and from those high to reach places. A folding shelf lends itself to small and large items, and when folded up the cage becomes large three walled platform for large irregular products. Once the cart is on the ground, heavy dusty casters make maneuvering these large carts a breeze.

Curbside Solutions Cart

Transport your items to help meet the demands of customer curbside/delivery operations and boost store productivity with our Curbside Solution Carts. This cart accommodates totes which allow you to hold an array of irregular shaped products. The top features a 1” lip to contain spills, and a separate lip-up tray for the user’s scanner, pens, gloves, and other items needed. An ergonomic handle makes pushing this cart a breeze while minimizing repetitive motion injuries. The user picks online orders to tote, bags the products, and stages the orders on the cart. When the customer arrives to retrieve their order, the cart is wheeled out and the order is delivered.


Order Picker Platforms

New Age Industrials Order Picking Platforms aid distribution centers with the need to pick and put vertically. The operator of an order picking machine is hoisted with the forks instead of controlling from the ground. This gives the operator the advantage of being able to grab individual items for the picking operation. The Order Picking Platforms are designed with fork pockets and oak gripper blocks to secure the platform to the deck of the order picking machine. The Platform has grip tape and is engineered to match the deck height of the order picking machine to ensure the safety of the operator. Once the picking operation is complete and the Order Picking Platform is on the ground heavy duty plate casters make easy work of manually moving heavy loads.

Order Picker Platform Variations

Adjustable Order Picker Platforms feature drilled and tapped holes on the vertical uprights every 4”. The shelves have mounting points where a thumbscrew can attach the shelves to the Order Picking Platform.

Quick Change Order Picker Platforms have 4 runners spaced by 17 5/16”. The shelves are placed on top of the runners and secured with two pins. The shelves can be removed in seconds to accommodate large and irregular items. 30” deep and 15” deep shelves are available.

Custom Order Picking Platforms are more commonly manufactured because each distribution center has its unique needs. New Age Industrial is the leader in manufacturing products that fit the individual needs of our clients.


Ladder Carts

Ladder Carts are perfect for manual picking where the user must pick above 6’. The ladder is not stowed and is always accessible on the end of the cart. When the ladder is stepped on a spring-loaded mechanism pushed the ladders rubber capped feet into a flush connection with the ground. This immobilizes the cart so the ladder can be safely utilized. Ergonomically designed handles create enough clearance, so the user isn’t hitting their shins on the steps. Multiple shelf configurations, sized, and styles are currently in the catalog. For the perfect fit speak to one of our incredible engineers for something tailored to your needs.



Aluminum pallets are great for closed loop systems. Multiple styles are available depending on the industry they will be used. The benefits of primary grade aluminum are 10 to 1 life span over plastic, no mold setup, UV resistant, fireproof, and 100% metal detectable. Load capacity of a standard size is 30,000lbs static, 5000lbs dynamic, 5000lbs rackable. Custom sizes are available.

Hand Truck Pallets

Our Mini Hand Truck Pallets simplify the lifting process, easing the stress on the workers back reducing the chance for injuries. As a bonus they also protect the product and floors. These pallets fit on the nose of the hand trucks, which allows you to place your items onto the pallet protecting your goods from the nose plate. The gap also protects the floors of c-stores and grocery stores from nose plate damage.

Raised Platform Picking Pallets

Our Raised Platform Picking Pallets have mostly the same picking operations as our picking platforms. These picking pallets have a raised platform allowing easy access when picking to pallet. Place your order picker forks into the pockets, gripper secures to the oak gripper block, and raise yourself up to gather products to fill orders. Casters are available as an option.

Tube Frame and Open Channel Pallets

Tube Frame Pallets are perfect for operations that don’t require full washdown capabilities. Constructed with closed rectangle tube and a 4-way entry design, these pallets are the most durable pallets you can buy.

Open Channel Pallets feature no enclosed tubes allowing for 100% sanitation where needed while maintaining the durability of tube frame pallets. Slots can be added to allow for 4-way entry.

We just highlighted some of the products that help distribution centers with their order-picking process needs. New Age Industrial engineers strive to design products that streamline operations and reduce workplace injuries. Call today to get started designing equipment the fits your exact fulfillment needs.

New Age Industrial is the leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. We use a Flexible Manufacturing Process to design and build heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum products that can be customized to fit your exact needs, completely stress-free. Our unmatched versatility in product design and in-house team of experts make New Age Industrial the Top Choice for material handling and food service equipment. Our products are Proudly Made in the USA!